Friends, today I am going to share some tips with you. Following these tips you can establish yourself as a charming personality in others eyes.

Use these tips daily in your personal and professional life and I am sure you will feel a difference in the people’s attitude towards you. Do give your feedback in comments.

1. Always greet people with a big smile. Smile is contagious and the other person will also smile. A smile helps in building a comfort zone and the other person will feel comfortable with you.
2. Listen attentively to what others speak. Express genuine interest in others. An active listening will avoid gaps in communication.
3. Respond to others in a thoughtful manner while in a conversation. Others must feel that you are engrossed with them.
4. Always have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude will establish yourself as a confident person ready to take challenges.
5. Walk with a confident stride and hold your head high. This shows your confidence.
6. Make conscious efforts to remember names. Call people with their first name. This makes yourself and others feel that you both are at the same level.
7. Treat your opponents with respect.
8. Do praise people when they deserve. A timely and genuine praise can work wonders in building relations.
9. Be punctual. Always reach at the meeting place before time. This will show people that you respect time.
10. Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ whenever appropriate.
11. Accept criticism with an open mind.