When I was young, very often I used to ask my mom, “Why do we need to go to school and why should we study?”

I was happy to be at home not at school! Leaving behind the familiarity and comforts of home and moving to stressful life of school was miserable.

Today, I realized that as a young child, I failed to appreciate the purpose and value of the school, the importance of education, the learning of various subjects, the preparation for future, the concept of society, the concept of job, the interaction with friends & family and many more such things.

Eventually, I learnt the importance of everything mentioned above. Everything changed : my thinking, my home, and every other thing including me.

Now when I am a grown up, I ask a different question .Why am I there in this world? Like a young child who is reluctant to go to school, I am asking again similar question? Why on this earth I am alive?

We don’t really understand why we are here in this physical school of earth. I only know that I have to make the best of my life, learn all the spiritual lessons and go back to other spiritual world, our true home.

What are your opinions?

Your comments and opinions are welcome!