Watched a nice movie after a long time. Visuals can be Deceptive! Yes, you read it right. Today, I watched ‘Drishyam’, a movie beautifully portrayed on silver screen by Bollywood director Nishikant Kamat.

Friends, there are some useful insights and learnings from this movie that I would like to share with you.

Here these follow:

1. There is something positive or negative to learn from everything. Learning from negative things saves one from actually experiencing them and the actual loss, and learning from positive things helps one use them in difficult situations.
2. Sometimes, one can be in a mess without any fault.
3. Even if one is in a mess, one shouldn’t fear as it is the fear that causes trouble. One should keep one’s mind balanced and think how to tackle the situation and come out of the trouble.
4. One’s family is the biggest asset. One should keep a work-life balance.
5. People will believe and speak up what one shows and makes them believe.
6. If one’s image is bad, it becomes very difficult to make people believe one even if one is telling a truth.
7. If one is determined, one can even overcome one’s very strong opponents.
8. One should believe in one’s team however one must also think of what can go wrong and plan accordingly.
9. However high one may reach professionally, one must take proper care of one’s kids and guide them. If they are not under control, things can go awry and harm.
10. It takes a little time to turn around. Things can go upside down too. One might have to even feel sorry to whom one once never cared for and thought as zilch.
11. Even if something has been done wrong unintentionally by one, there is no harm to feel sorry.

Overall, a good movie to watch for very useful insights and learnings. Do watch whenever you get some free time to bust your stress.

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