Perfection is not a destination; it is a never ending process. For many, to attain perfect life is about having surprises, successes and enjoyments. To lead a perfect life we should not expect or worry about anything. We should just enjoy the beautiful moments and occasions without any worries.However, we are normal human beings and we mistake it for non-essesntials.

For a normal human, leading a happy life is having his work, family, friends and enough money to have a comfortable life. However there are somethings more to it.

What should be the essentials of a perfect life?

There are few more things to focus on to make our lives simple and perfect.

Have a daily morning routine. How you start your day has immense effect on your life.

  • Have a daily morning routine. Wakeup before or by the sunrise, first thing to do is to thank God for showing you a new morning.
  • Read out your goals. Create a To-do list for the day.
  • Drink a glass of warm water (with lemon and honey if you like). Meditate for 15 to 20 minutes before starting the day.
  • After cleansing your mind, cleanse your body with Exercise or Yoga.
  • Always start your day with a good healthy breakfast.

Work-life balance

Both Work and Personal lives have equal importance and both must be maintained in balance to lead a perfect life. Though our work eats majority of our daytime, do make it a point to spend time with your family and friends after the work day is over. Do spend time with family and friends over the weekends. Go out for long drives, go to a beach, dance in a disco, meet friends, watch movies etc. This helps to maintain mental boundaries. Also, spend some time to play your favorite sport or do some hobby activity to destress.


Workout at least three times in a week as fitness is an integral and indispensable part of life. It is also important to watchout what you eat. Take helthy foods and fruits, and avoid sugary drinks and junk food as they badly impact the health. Combine fitness and diet to achieve your health goals.

Keep your spirits high

Understand what you are today and visualize what you want to become. Act accordingly. Always be positive and confident in whaever you do. A positive mind inspires positive actions.


Read something that gives you deep inspiration and relaxation.

Handling failure/Success

Always dream big, and work hard to achieve those dreams. Do understand that failures are inevitable. Accept failures and proactively take measures to bounce back on top. This is called life experience and helps us to face anything what life throws at us. Take the failures in your stride, however never forget the lessons learnt from it. Regarding success, it is sweetness of our hard work put in. Do celebrate your successes with nears and dears and move on to achieve the new goals.

Whether it is success or failure, stay calm and composed . This would help you to be more efficient.


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