Spiritual healing is a very popular term these days. However, it means different to different people. What exactly is Spiritual Healing? Our main aim in life is to grow spiritually. We grow spiritually by sincerely helping others in spiritual realm. The more we help others, the more we grow spiritually. However, our efforts should be sincere without any expectations. Anyone who is spiritual in true form, is someone with lot of positive energy. In spiritual healing, what we do is generate more positive energy or remove distress, pain and issues caused by negative energy. One who undergoes spiritual healing will reduce the negative energies, and the healing will surround the one with positive energies.

It is believed that 80% of our problems are in spiritual dimension, which affects our life drastically. When encountered with such problems, we should cure them spiritually. We should use spiritual energy to cure our problems. What is Spiritual Energy? Spiritual energy is actually the life energy that flows through us as electromagnetic forces. How do we enhance our Spiritual Energy? Yoga and meditation can help us focus on this energy and eventually we start sensing it within us. Not everyone can sense this energy. To sense it, we need to believe in it first.  We can sense this subtle energy in different ways. It can be our ability to see clearly in dim light, to sense minute temperature changes, and many other feelings in many other ways. These are subtle energies that we have to consciously observe, and notice. For example, when you sit with total strangers, besides what you see and hear, you tend to notice something about them through your inner sense. You can find someone happier, sad or frustrated. You might even notice radiance and imaginary halo around few.

To make the process of spiritual healing successful, state your problems and surrender your problems in front of God or our guardian angels and allow the positive energy to flow in. In short, spiritual healing is to surrender your problems to the God and have complete trust on Him. Keep a positive outlook and allow the God to come up with a better solution than our human minds could ever dream of.

Remember that God’s wish is that you always be happy!


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