Friends, at some point in your life, you must have come across someone who went through Depression. In today’s hectic and stressed lifestyle, getting depression is not an unusual thing.

The dictionary meaning of Depression is ‘feelings of severe despondency and dejection‘. A person gong through mildest depression feels very low spirited and feels everything less worthwhile. In more severe cases, the person feeling depression can have suicidal tendencies.

Depression is a clinical problem and is very difficult to identify. It could happen due to any reason or due to monotonous life. The person under depression starts feeling that nothing good can happen further in his life. It is often seen among children, teenagers and adults. When your someone dear is very often irritable or fatigued or quiet, you might tend to judge him instead of understanding why that change happened to him and what caused him to be in that state. It is very important to understand that depression drains the energy, hope and drive to live life. It pushes one to become a living zombie. To come out of the depression is not an easy thing. It requires a lot of efforts from the individual and the people around him. It should be dealt with immense patience. Coming out  of depression can be a slow process however, we should never give up.


To help your dear ones going through depression, first you need to understand what depression is and its symptoms are. Depression is a severe mood disorder that leads to low feelings, lack of appetite and no enthusiasm towards life in a person. All of a sudden everything seems insignificant to him. This also affects personal relationships.

What is the causes of depression?

Any stressful condition s.a. unemployment, death of dear ones, childhood trauma, divorce, domestic violence, drugs/ alcohol abuse, failure in business, breakup in relationships etc. Even any health conditions s.a. diabetes, cancer etc. can lead to depression. Sometimes, it could be hereditary also.

What are the symptoms?

You must know he symptoms causing depression in a person. This may help you identify the same in someone undergoing through it. The most common symptoms are: weight gain/loss, loss of appetite, insomnia, fatigue, irritation, lack of concentration, hopeless feeling, guilt, trouble making decisions, tendency to commit suicide etc.

How to tackle depression?

The most effective way to tackle depression is that never isolate the person undergoing depression from others. Never allow your loved ones to keep aloof. Be with them and talk to them on topics that can make them feel better and feel enthusiastic about life. Motivate them in a positive way. Secondly, the most important is to consult a therapist who can help the person undergoing depression to cope with the tough process and feelings. Talk to the person undergoing depression about his problems. Apart from these, advise the person to get involved in activities that make him forget everything, to do anything that he loves to do. Ask him not to sit alone for more than 30 minutes, and work out regularly as doing that will increase his hormones of ‘happiness’. Constantly challenge his negative thinking by telling him stories to always be positive.

Remember that with your togetherness, love and positive attitude towards life you can motivate someone undergoing depression to come to life again. A positive attitude and enthusiasm towards life is what you need to instill while dealing with a person under depression.


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