In the world of diets, Clean Eating is gaining great popularity. It is a new diet fad like other diets such as low carbs diet, detox diet, high protein diet etc.

Clean eating is not a diet, it is a way of leading a good and healthy lifestyle. It is about enjoying whole foods in their natural forms and say a big NO to processed foods. The idea is to bring-in farm food right at your table . This makes sure that we eat fresh foods straight from the nature. Eating clean means opting for fresh vegetables, fresh fish, and meat, and fresh dairy products. For this diet to show results, it is very important to keep away from processed foods. Eliminate all the processed foods s.a. frozen food, sugary treats from bakery shop, highly refined and polished grains, fast foods and precooked foods from outside.


Always eat fresh foods as possible. Never refrigerate your foods for long. Doing that loses nutrients and freshness of the food. Avoid the habit of stocking food. Buy fresh food items in small quantities to cook and eat for today. Consume all the items thus purchased as soon as possible.


An extensive research has shown that eating clean diet especially of fruits and vegetables can curb or prevent certain life threatening conditions and diseases s.a. high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Apart from this, diet high in fruits and vegetable helps in weight management, glowing skin and hair.

I hope these points are motivating enough to jump to clean diet.

“You are what your eat, So always eat clean”


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